About Jetbeep

Jetbeep is a mobile-to-offline IoT product company digitalizing the physical world. We are creating products for Retail, Logistics and Transportation industries.

About Jetbeep

Jetbeep is a software and hardware company that is building a mobile engagement platform. With a 13 people team spread across Ukraine, USA, Germany and Hungary. Currently have over 6 thousand devices operational and serve more that 500k consumers over a variety of applications.


Our products help to create streamlined experiences that let customers easily access offline services via smartphone.

On the other hand, they enable businesses to build 1-on-1 relationships with customers. Similar to "cookies", but in a physical environment.


We are creating products for Retail, Logistics, and Transportation industries.

Our prominent IoT Products:
For Retail: In-store mobile marketing
For Logistics: fully autonomous smart parcel lockers
For Transportation: mobile ticketing and validation


Users first
Our key goal above all is creating value for our users, convenience and simplicity.
Right time
To be at the fingertips when necessary, in the right place at the right time.
We have to add magic and joy to every interaction.
Less clicks, intuitive, relevant, contextual.
No spam
Efficient mobile moments, only valuable information in that particular instance.
To store as less user data as possible. All the required sensitive data has to be stored on the customers device.

Our Team

This is the kick-ass team that will keep you on track with KPIs, give constructive feedback and make sure your time at accelerator will be a life-changing experience!

Valeriy Chekalkin

Co-Founder and CEO

Oleh Hordiichuk

Co-Founder and CPO

Oleksiy Datsiv

Head of Business
Development, Partner

Sasha Borovik

Legal Counsel

Kirill Yermakov

UI/UX and Product Designer

Alena Kovalenko-Shvets

Head of Marketing

Max Tymchii

Software Engineer / Product Delivery Manager

Yurii Novikov

Software Engineer

Konstantin Gvozduk

Software Engineer

Andrii Hordieiev

Hardware engineer / Rapid prototyping specialist

Yurii Sikora

Software Engineer

Artem Davydenko

Software engineer

Andrii Koziaruk

Software engineer
Flat structure
Less people, no managers. Everyone can manage himself.
Take ownership
Every employee is a partner.
Best people
Wherever they are - a fully remote/distributed team.

Team Values

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